Strips Sofa by Cini Boeri and Laura Griziotti for Arflex, 1972

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The Strips sofa is more than just a piece of furniture; it symbolizes innovation, versatility, and the perfect blend of aesthetics and functionality. Hailing from one of Arflex’s most iconic collections, the Strips sofa is integral to the brand’s history, embodying its commitment to high-quality design and craftsmanship.

The Strips Sofa: An Award-Winning Design

The Strips sofa’s modular design offers infinite configurations, earning it the prestigious Compasso D’Oro award in 1979. It has been displayed in museums worldwide, including the Triennale di Milano, Tokyo, and the Moma in New York.

Designed by Cini Boeri and Laura Griziotti in 1972, the Strips was born out of a desire to create innovative ideas to improve the quality of life. Boeri, an architect who always sought to bring new ideas to life, designed the Strips sofa with simplicity and easy production in mind.

Strips Sofa Compasso d'Oro Vintage Advertising, 1979

The Inspiration Behind the Strips Sofa

The Arflex Strips sofa design is heavily inspired by the works of Christo, leading Boeri to create a sofa based on its covering, not its structure. This concept was applied to the Strips collection, revolutionizing sofa design and making it an “evergreen” product in furniture design. 

The sofa’s quilted covers are fully removable, setting a new standard in furniture design. This transformative feature also makes the Strips sofa washable, adding to its practicality and versatility.

Strips Sofa-Bed by Arflex, 1972

Innovations in Material Selection

Innovation is a key component in the selection of materials for the Strips sofa. Boeri chose indeformable polyurethane padding to ensure seating comfort, placed on a wooden core – a first in sofa design.

The Strips sofa is a historic piece of Italian industrial design, a bestseller loved and awarded, and subsequently declined in different interpretations. It’s a versatile and current product, thanks to modern technologies in its production and extreme practicality.

Strips Series by Cini Boeri and Laura Griziotti for Arflex, 1972

The Versatility of the Strips Sofa

The Strips sofa is more than just a sofa; it’s also an armchair, a bed, a sofa bed, and a vast system of elements with almost infinite modularity. The sofa-bed version completely upends the concept of day-bedding: the quilted cover opens comfortably through a zipper and transforms into a modern sleeping bag, far removed from the homogenized aesthetics of typical sofa beds.

Strips Bed by Arflex, 1972

Expansion and Evolution: The Strips Collection

The Strips collection further expanded with the introduction of the Strips armchair with legs in 1979. This extension of the collection showcased the continued development of Boeri’s innovative design approach and the evolution of the Strips sofa concept. The Strips armchair with legs further cemented the collection’s reputation for exceptional comfort, practicality, and transformative abilities.

Arflex would later rename The Strips with Legs to Pecorelle. The renamed Pecorelle collection continued to exemplify the transformative nature of the original Strips sofa, reflecting Boeri’s vision of furniture that is not only modern and stylish but also highly versatile and practical.

Strips Armchair with Legs by Cini Boeri, 1979

Legacy of Cini Boeri and Arflex

In addition to the Strips series, the collaboration between Cini Boeri and Arflex led to the creation of numerous design icons, such as the Bobo armchair and the Botolo chair. These designs carried forward the commitment to versatility, practicality, and modern aesthetics that the Strips series introduced. 

Moreover, Arflex’s history is adorned with collaborations with prominent designers like Marco Zanuso, Franco Albini, Joe Colombo, Tito Agnoli, and Mario Marenco. These collaborations further expanded Arflex’s portfolio, incorporating diverse design philosophies and styles while maintaining the core values of functionality and style that define the brand. Each designer brought a unique perspective, contributing to the rich legacy synonymous with the Arflex name today.

Strips Armchair with Legs by Arflex, 1979

A Unique Sofa Design

Composed of monoblock expanded polyurethane with graduated density and removable quilted covering, the Strips sofa is truly unique. It invites relaxation, softening simple lines with a quilted effect that recurs throughout the structure. It’s a living sofa with modern charm and pop traits, capable of characterizing and filling the environment with few elements but in an effective and fun way.

In an interview by Cini Boeri in 1972, she recounted how Arflex asked her to design a system that was easy to produce and sell. This led her to create a fun game that mimics a dress, using a foamed structure and trying to bring back the softness of the feather of old pillows in the coating. This gave birth to the soft quilt, which has enjoyed incredible success over the years. 

In conclusion, the Strips sofa remains a testament to Arflex’s commitment to innovative, high-quality design. It stands as a revolutionary product that has left a lasting impact on the world of furniture design.

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