Cesca Gavina Marcel Breuer

Cesca chair was one of the mass-produced chairs in the 1900s. It is also known as B32 or S32. Quite similar to the other chairs of that time, it had a tubular structure with a seat attached above the frame. Marcel Breuer designed this chair in the year 1928. The chair is named after his adopted daughter.

 One of the oldest Cesca chairs can be found in the Museum of Modern Art in Manhattan. Thousands of these chairs have been purchased since 1968.


As written above, the history of the Cesca chair started in 1928. Marcel Breuer was its creator and a very talented architect. He wanted a chair that provided both elegance and comfort, and thus the Cesca chair was born.

The German brand Thonet is its first producer.

In 1960, the Italian brand Gavina acquired the rights to produce it and all the other designs by Marcel Breuer in Italy.

Afterward, Knoll Associates (today known as the Knoll Group) bought the group in 1968 and started producing Cesca under its brand. The chair became a major selling product and was very much liked by the people.

Where did the inspiration come from?

Marcel Breuer found the inspiration from an unlikely source, a bicycle. The story starts with Marcel bringing home his first-ever cycle. He was impressed by the comfort level of the bike, even though it was a bit old. Upon asking a friend, he got to know that cycle was sturdy because of its structure. The tubular frame provided both comfort and sturdiness. 

This idea remained in Marcel’s head for a long time, and then he decided to apply it. Commenting on this design, he always said that he wanted something lightweight. He also wanted the frame to be elastic and make something modern.

Cesca Marcel Breuer Dimensions

About Marcel Breuer

Marcel Breuer was born in Hungary and was a professional in designing and architecture. He studied at Bauhaus, which was an art school, where he was one of the first and youngest students. Here, he practiced his skills further gave birth to two famous chairs: the Cesca chair and Wassily chair.

 He changed the course of the 20th-century furniture and designed such furniture, which easily mends it with the modern one. His two creations are a part of the “10 most important chairs of the 20th century.”

 Most of his papers and drawings can be found at the Special Collections Research Center at Syracuse University and the Archives of American Art, Washington, D.C. Apart from being a talented designer, he was also an awarded architect.

The design of the Cesca Chair

The Cesca chair exists in two versions: dining chair and armchair.

The armchair is also named “Cesca with arms,” it provides a comfortable armrest on both sides. 

The whole seat comprises either clear natural lacquer or matte ebonized finish or woven cane inserts.

The chair is fixed upon a curved steel tube, having a 1-inch diameter. To protect the floor, the base has plastic snaps attached to it.

This design makes the chair lightweight but also very comfortable. The dimensions of this chair are width: 23.5″, depth: 23.5″, height 31.5″, seat height: 17.75″ and arm length: 27″. 

The Gavina and Thonet versions present the brand logo under their seat.

The Knoll one has the logo of the brand and the signature of Marcel Breuer at its base.

Cesca Thonet Advertising Marcel Breuer

The cost of Cesca chair

The price always depends on how old the chair is. The price starts from 1000 dollars to over 1600 dollars. The knoll group provides a version at 1500 dollars. The original chairs have a high value in the market as they are very vintage.

Moreover, many manufacturers have started producing the same type of chair, making people believe they are original. The customers are often conned in spending a lot of money on a fake chair. Fake versions are available worldwide, and they are very similar to the original chair.

Cesca Knoll Marcel Breuer

How to Recognize a Fake Chair?

Knowing that a chair is fake is very important for a customer. An original Knoll chair has both the brand logo and a stamped signature of Marcel Breuer. The Gavina and Thonet Cesca always present the brand logo. Remember, both of these symbols define the authenticity of the chair you are about to buy.

The fake chairs can cost the same, so being aware will save a lot of money. It is best to buy the chairs from a trusted gallery, brand, or directly from the producer. It also keeps the time of browsing through lots of websites or physical stores.

Pros of Cesca Chair

  • Modern look: Even though the design is 90 years old, it melds perfectly with contemporary furniture. It complements the overall look of the surroundings and makes it pleasing to the eyes.
  • Comfortable: These chairs can be bought with arms or without them. It helps you to get the chair of your needs and the same comfort level. These chairs are very comfortable for people of every age.
  • Lightweight: the structure of the chair makes it very light and also somewhat smaller than other chairs. This feature allows you to easily shift these chairs and find the perfect place for them.
  • Vintage look: Even though the chair looks modern, it also has vintage traits. It adds a vintage touch or a 90s touch to your home or office. It provides elegance and looks very artsy.
  • Various uses: A Cesca chair can be used anywhere, depending on the user’s needs. It fits perfectly everywhere and makes the surroundings very appealing.
  • Investment opportunity: Even if you buy this chair just for looks, then you are wrong. In the long run, the prices of these chairs are definitely going to rise. So, if you own an original version of the chair, then it may cost a lot more in the coming future.

Cons of Cesca Chair

  • High price: As the chair is vintage, getting an original version can be very costly. Not everyone can spend more than 1000 dollars on a single chair. This is one of the reasons that this chair is now like a status symbol.
  • Fake copies: People spend a lot of money to get hold of the elegant chair, but not all of them get the original one. Counterfeit copies are not valuable in the market if you try to sell them back as they have no story attached to them.

How to Find a Place for the Cesca Chairs?

  • Dining table: A wooden dining table will provide a perfect location to place your Cesca chairs. As the chair come with or without arms, you can choose it according to the comfort level. This chair will suit both modern and traditional dining rooms and fit the room’s texture. It will add elegance and solidity. They can also be mixed with other chairs to add variety and a more artsy look.
  • Office table: A Cesca chair will match perfectly with an antique office table and provide a vintage yet modern look to your office. It is an excellent way to give comfort to your clients and make them observe you even more. The chair makes not just the room but also you a little more attractive. It would signify your traditional approach mixed ideally in the modern world.
  • Library: An armrest Cesca chair will look great paired with wooden shelves. It will add authenticity and elegance to the whole library and make it look different from others. Also, the comfort level will be great, and reading a book sitting on this chair would feel as if you are riding a cloud.
  • Living room: You can easily pair the Casca chairs with the modern or the traditional furniture of your living room. It would look great and will compliment your love for art.
  • Mix match theme: If you have a mixed match house where you like to put different kinds of things together, you should check it out. This chair will be a perfect addition to your theme.
  • The Retro theme: Many people like to have all the 90s things in their home, then why wait? This chair was very famous in the 1900s and will be a valuable collection for your house.
Cesca Knoll De Padova Table


The Cesca chair has proved that it is both comfortable and elegant, just as Marcus Breuer said. It is worth the price and is one of the best-designed chairs of the 1900s. It is very much liked by people, even today, and has a big market.

The customers, however, need to be safe from the fake brands in the market. An original chair may cost you a little bit more, but it will bring you a lot more in the coming future. This chair is very valuable and is worth the price. 

This chair can be used anywhere in any situation and still look vintage and pleasing. You can use it as a dinner table chair, coffee table chair, garden chair, office chair, or even in your living room. It is sure to catch the eyes of your guests or clients.

Even though this chair is an ancient design, it does not compromise the look and comfort. This makes this chair a great addition to your house or office. It fits perfectly with modern furniture, and in return, compliments them as well. This chair brings a lot of glances towards your home or office and makes a good status symbol.

Cesca Marcel Breuer

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