Medea Chair By Vittorio Nobili For Fratelli Tagliabue

The Medea chair was manufactured in Italy between 1950 to 1959. The manufacturer of this chair was Fratelli Tagliabue. Vittorio Nobili designed it. Although he designed this chair in vintage times, it is suitable for our modern needs.

This chair adds elegance and looks to its surroundings. This chair was reported at the prestigious Industrial Design Award, Compasso d’Oro, in 1955. Other iconic pieces, such as Soriana by Afra and Tobia Scarpa and Le Bambole by Mario Bellini, will win this prize in the following editions. The creator, Vittorio Nobili, was a known designer, and he has designed many contemporary pieces that fit perfectly in the modern world.

Materials Used

The Medea chair is manufactured using just three materials: wood, brass, and metal tubular frame. The wood is adjusted upon the tubular frame using four brass caps. The standard dimensions are:

  • Height: 32.28 in. (82 cm)
  • Width: 18.11 in. (46 cm)
  • Depth: 22.05 in. (56 cm)
  • Seat height: 17.32 in. (44 cm)

This chair may weigh from 5 kg to 10 kg; it is pretty heavy due to its materials. Many variations of these chairs are available in the market made of different shiny or matte finishes. The upper portion that acts as a seat is made of plywood.

Moreover, the standard colors available are ash, teak, or rosewood veneer. Patented beech plywood is a beautiful color, but it is pretty rare. This chair has ‘Mid-Century Modern Style.’

Medea Chair Advertising

Is Medea Chair Costly?

A Medea chair range from 800 dollars to around 6000 dollars. The design, color, and texture play a huge role in deciding the chair’s price. Also, the date of manufacture is essential, as it determines its value as an antique.

Each store or website has different varieties; some even have signed chairs by their creator. The rare chairs sold have been bought in high sums of money. However, the buyers should be careful when purchasing a vintage chair, as many fake copies are available. Many businesses sell a fake copy at the same price, and it is pretty tricky actually to know a fake copy.

Medea chair With Arms And Medea Chair Upholstered

How to Make Sure That a Medea Chair is Original?

The original chairs have a mark to prove their originality. The identification mark can be the signature of its creator, Vittorio Nobili, or the manufacturer’s logo, Fratelli Tagliabue. A fake copy can cost a customer thousands of dollars without any touch of authenticity.

Although these fake copies may look real, their quality may not be up to the standard. The original versions of the 1950s have been in good condition throughout the years, and some minor marks make them look antique. However, an identification mark increases the total cost of the chair and makes it rarer and more valuable.

Vittorio Nobili Midcentury Ashwood Medea Dining Room Chairs, 1955, Set of Four

Is Medea Chair Comfortable?

These chairs are very comfortable. Many versions even have an armrest to add to your pleasure. Even though these chairs are made of plywood, they never lose the requirement of providing comfort. This makes the chair more attractive to customers.

Even though it is an ancient design, it seems more popular than many of the latest seats and chairs manufactured nowadays. Indeed, most chairs made today look good, but they are not comfortable and may have pointing ends or hard seats. At the same time, the Medea chair provides both pleasures to the eyes and comfort to the body.

Medea Chair With Pillow

How Can Medea Chair Transform Your House or Office?

  • Add a vintage look: The Medea chair is perfect if you want to add a vintage touch to your house. You can even theme your home or a room as vintage and decorate it with collectibles. This chair would be an excellent addition and also a comfortable one. It would attract your guests and make them like your house even more.
  • Add to a 90’s theme: Many people like the retro time and collect items belonging to that time. But the collection would be incomplete without getting a single or a set of these Medea chairs made during the 1950s. These chairs would immediately blend in with the surroundings and provide elegance and an antique look to your house.
  • Compliment modern furniture: These chairs blend perfectly with the modern furniture pieces of today. They add an authentic and aesthetic touch to your house and make it look modern at the same time. It is an excellent idea if you prefer to look stylish but artistic at the same time. This beautiful piece of creation will complement your art choices and lift the whole room.
  • A vintage dining table: A beautiful and antique plywood table would go perfectly with a set of Medea dining chairs. This will add a lot of vintages and aesthetic touch to a boring table and make your room look more beautiful. These chairs are also a lot more comfortable for you to eat your meals in pleasure.
  • A set of a coffee table or bar table chairs: These chairs can act like coffee table chairs or bar chairs, where a person can love the feel of the plywood used to make this chair. It would look very vintage and classy, yet very modern.

Who Are These Chairs For?

These chairs are perfect for a person who wants to merge style and comfort. A Medea chair or a set of them will provide an artistic and antique look that makes you look like an authentic lover of the arts.

At the same time, it provides you comfort when you sit on them. It will be perfect for all homes or offices irrespective of the surroundings. These chairs compliment the surroundings and go with anything.

As mentioned before, it is possible to use them in many places such as dining or coffee table chairs, bar chairs, garden or terrace chairs, an armchair in the living room, a dressing room chair, in the library, or the prayer room; this chair has a lot of uses. You can use it according to your needs.

So, this makes the chair worthy of the money you spent on it. Even in offices, if you want to impress your clients, seniors, or supervisors, this is an excellent way. So, this will help them see your artistic and vintage side and appreciate you for the same.

Medea Dining Chairs by Vittorio Nobili for Fratelli Tagliabue, 1954, Set of 4

Some Benefits of the Medea Chairs

  • These chairs are very elegant looking.
  • These are very artsy.
  • They are prone to wear and tear and exist for a long time.
  • An identification mark makes it very valuable. It may fetch you the right amount of money if sold.
  • They are made of quality materials.

In conclusion, these Medea chairs are very valuable and one of a kind. They will, for sure, appease you and your guests, as well. It is a must-have art piece for all the art lovers out there. A talented and famous designer created it, adding its value to everyone’s heart.

Vittorio Nobili Midcentury Teak Medea Dining Room Chairs, 1956, Set of Four




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