DS-1025 “Terrazza” Modular Sofa by Ubald Klug for de Sede, Switzerland, 1974, Customizable Reissue

DS-1025 modular sofa designed by Ubald Klug in 1974 and manufactured by the Swiss brand de Sede.
The couch is better known as Terrazza.
The Swiss brand started its production in 1974 and quickly became a design icon.
Ubald Klug took inspiration from the terraces of the Swiss vineyards.
The sofa is modular and can be assembled in various ways. It is possible to create a two-seater sofa, a seating pyramid, or a small mountain range of sofas.
Fully customizable solution.

De Sede once started as a saddler’s workshop in Klingnau, Switzerland. The company slowly widened its Scope and committed itself to transform the best possible leather into seating furniture. In 1965 the family-run business grew into a professional company, and their name was de Sede AG. De Sede products are detail-obsessed, entirely made, and focused on the people who use them. Therefore, all the de Sede items are made of the best materials, resulting in durability and comfort.