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The mid-20th century witnessed a revolution in the world of audio technology, and one of the most iconic creations from this era is undoubtedly the Brionvega RR126 radiophonograph. Designed by Achille and Pier Giacomo Castiglioni in 1965 for Brionvega, the RR126 is a semi-professional high-fidelity stereophonic equipment.

The Innovative Features of the RR126

Achille and Pier Giacomo Castiglioni conceptualized the RR126 as a freestanding modular object with separable volumes. It introduced sophisticated performance features that were truly innovative for its time. One of its remarkable features was stereophony. It created a lifelike sound experience reproducing audio from various directions and distances, immersing listeners in a realistic ambiance. Additionally, the RR126 boasted high fidelity, faithfully capturing and reproducing a wide range of acoustic frequencies perceptible to the human ear, ensuring an unparalleled audio experience.

This exceptional audio system featured an anodized natural aluminum foot supported by four smooth-rolling ball wheels, providing stability and mobility. The central body of the RR126 housed the frequency modulation radio receiver, the high fidelity amplifier, and an automatic 4-speed stereophonic turntable, seamlessly blending cutting-edge technology with timeless design.

Finally, the setup included two compression speaker cabinets delivering powerful, immersive sound. The result was an audio system that offered exceptional performance and showcased an aesthetically pleasing design, harmonizing form, and function in perfect harmony.

Brionvega RR126 Brown and White

Versatility of the Brionvega RR126

The RR126 offers three possible configurations. In the first configuration, the central block supports the speakers on top, which minimizes encumbrance and allows only for radio reception. In the second setup, it is possible to attach the same speakers to the opposite sides of the central block, allowing record playback. This arrangement enables good stereophonic reception at a reasonable distance from the device.

The turntable, located on the same plane as the entire complex, is protected by a specific perspex cap housed during use in a slot of one of the speakers. In the third combination, using long connection cables, the speakers are placed at the most suitable points in the environment for the best stereophonic listening, respecting the ideal distance between speakers and listeners (3/4 rule).

RR126 by Achille and Pier Giacomo Castiglioni

The Brionvega RR126: A Symbol of Design Excellence

The RR126, measuring around 93x35x60 cm when closed, gained exceptional notoriety for its ease of use, formal innovation, and precision of details. Observing its lacquered wood casings, one can see the para-physiognomic character of this “music robot.”

In the central body, under two graduated arches – which mark a return to circular indications after a long period of linear signals – are the selection keys and the volume, tone, and tuning adjustment knobs.

This design piece has contributed significantly to exporting Italian craftsmanship worldwide; an RR126 model owned by David Bowie was auctioned for 300,000 euros.

RR126 by Brionvega

RR126 and Pop Design: A Fusion of Appearance and Functionality

Pop Design encompasses the concept of appearance and concreteness attributed to objects. Moreover, it emphasizes attracting users through immediate and instinctive product usage. Optically, it employs vibrant colors, distinct outlines, and large dimensions to capture and excite users’ interaction with the object. The RR 126 exemplifies an attractive, colorful, provocative, and stimulating object, showcasing the designers’ choice to create a playful and interactive element aligned with the prevailing stylistic characteristics of the time. Additionally, this radio-phonograph features straight and angular lines with seamless connections.

Furthermore, it boasts brilliant colors achieved through plastic panel finishes and compact dimensions. Users can interact with the device by adjusting the speaker arrangement and using knobs and controls for the radio, representing its animalistic traits. In conclusion, provocation, play, fun, color, interactivity, lines, and determined features unite RR 126 and Pop Design.

Brionvega RR126 Vintage Picture

Brionvega RR126: A Timeless Classic

Brionvega still produces the RR126 despite updating its components. Throughout its history, Brionvega has collaborated with esteemed designers such as Marco Zanuso, Richard Sapper, Mario Bellini, Sergio Asti, and Franco Albini. However, it is the RR126 that stands as an enduring symbol of the brand’s legacy, captivating enthusiasts with its timeless design and innovative features. With its sleek aesthetics and exceptional functionality, the RR126 continues to captivate audiophiles and design enthusiasts, solidifying Brionvega’s reputation as a pioneer in the industry.

Achille Castiglioni and RR126

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