Natro Armchair by Joe Colombo for Bonacina

The Nastro armchair, a remarkable piece of furniture, bears testimony to the innovative approach of its designer, Joe Colombo. In 1964, Colombo used traditional materials in a novel way to create this chair, which has since become an iconic piece of mid-century design.

The Birth of the Nastro Armchair

Designed by Joe Colombo in 1964 and produced by Bonacina P.A. in 1965, the Nastro armchair is a masterpiece of design.

Moreover, it features a seamless blend of curved cane sticks intricately joined together, creating a visually striking and unique structure. Additionally, the armchair is visually captivating and offers exceptional comfort, thanks to the seat and back cushions made from special fabrics that add an extra touch of luxury. 

Originally introduced in 1965, the Nastro armchair quickly gained international recognition. Furthermore, industry magazines featured it.

In 2016, Bonacina reissued the chair with a range of new colors, thus breathing new life into this iconic piece of furniture. Over the years, the Nastro armchair has become synonymous with timeless elegance and impeccable craftsmanship.

Nastro Lounge Chair by Joe Colombo

The Unique Design of the Nastro Armchair

The Nastro armchair is a masterpiece of craftsmanship. Meticulously crafted with curved Malacca sticks delicately joined together, it showcases exquisite design. In addition, sleek metal feet and spacers enhance its elegance. When you sit down, you’ll experience luxurious comfort thanks to the cushioned seat expertly upholstered in supple leather. The armchair’s backrest is thoughtfully designed with six vertical cushions, each independently secured to the backrest by a leather tongue, ensuring optimal support and relaxation. Produced meticulously by Pierantonio Bonacina in Lurago d’Erba, this exquisite piece is a true testament to their commitment to quality and artistry.

Nastro by Bonacina

Joe Colombo’s Design Philosophy

This project represents a particular moment in Joe Colombo’s design journey. Bamboo, cane, or rattan, and Indian cane had aroused the interest and commitment of many Brianza producers since the early post-war period, first and foremost Pierantonio Bonacina. Bonacina turned to great designers of the 1950s and 60s to affirm the prominence of wicker and cane furniture.

For Joe Colombo, it was not his curiosity towards new materials and future developments that stimulated his imagination, as on other occasions. Instead, it was more of a challenge to exercise his creativity and versatility in a more traditional field, experimenting with the curvature limits of the material and juxtaposing its elements to assimilate it into a flat surface. This distinctive approach set the Nastro armchair apart and contributed to its success, even in the sofa version.

Natro Sofa by Bonacina

Collaboration with Renowned Designers

Pierantonio Bonacina’s commitment to promoting wicker and cane furniture exceeded his collaboration with Joe Colombo. Additionally, he sought the expertise of other renowned designers of the era, creating an environment that encouraged innovation and tradition to blend seamlessly. Notable individuals such as Marco Zanuso, Franco Albini, Gio Ponti, Gianfranco Frattini, Ico Parisi, and the trio De Pas, D’Urbino, and Lomazzi were among those who contributed to these collaborations. 

Through these fruitful partnerships, Bonacina continued to push boundaries, ensuring the enduring prominence of these traditional materials in contemporary design. Each designer brought their unique perspectives and ideas to the table, enriching Bonacina’s portfolio and contributing to the timeless appeal of his collections.

Bonacina Nastro Chair

The Evolution of the Nastro Armchair

Today, the structure of the Nastro armchair is lacquered in various colors, adding a contemporary twist to its traditional design.

In conclusion, the Nastro armchair, a product of Joe Colombo’s innovative design philosophy and Pierantonio Bonacina’s production prowess, is a timeless piece that blends tradition with innovation. Its unique design and enduring appeal make it a shining example of mid-century modern design.

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