Kartell Gae AulenTI Series 4794 Lounge Chair

The iconic Gae Aulenti Kartell series, first introduced in 1974, marks a significant milestone in the history of furniture design. The series, comprising a table (Model 4894), an armchair (Model 4794), and a dining chair (4854), was the world’s first made from rigid polyurethane.

The Birth of the Gae Aulenti Kartell Collection

In 1974, the fruitful collaboration between the renowned designer Gae Aulenti and the iconic furniture brand Kartell materialized, giving birth to the extraordinary Gae Aulenti series. This eagerly anticipated series debuted at the prestigious Salone, captivating audiences with its exceptional craftsmanship and timeless elegance. The collection showcased the exquisite chair 4854 and the luxurious armchair 4794, accompanied by the stylish table 4894, forming a cohesive ensemble that exuded sophistication and refinement.

Originally conceived in 1968, this innovative project was a labor of love that required meticulous attention to detail and countless hours of dedicated craftsmanship. The design featured meticulously crafted variable section profiles and intricately sculpted complex curvatures, elevating it to a true masterpiece in furniture design.

The Gae Aulenti series was initially developed with a specific purpose: catering to the needs of FIAT dealers and vendors. However, its impeccable design and unparalleled quality soon garnered attention and admiration from furniture enthusiasts and connoisseurs worldwide. Its timeless appeal has stood the test of time, solidifying its place as an iconic collection that inspires and delights generations of design enthusiasts.

Kartell 4874 Lounge Chair and 4854 Dining Chair

The Revolutionary Use of Rigid Polyurethane

What truly set the Gae Aulenti Kartell series apart from its predecessors was its groundbreaking utilization of rigid polyurethane through injection molding. Unlike previous Kartell mass-colored projects, this innovative approach involved the pieces emerging from the mold in a neutral color, only to be painted later. This ingenious process not only facilitated the production of non-standard colors but also resulted in remarkable cost reductions. By pushing the boundaries of traditional manufacturing techniques, the Gae Aulenti Kartell series revolutionized the design world with its unmatched creativity and forward-thinking vision.

Kartell Gae Aulenti Series

The Colorful Palette of the Gae Aulenti Kartell Series

Initially, when the FIAT dealers first introduced their offerings, they had a limited color palette consisting of yellow, blue, and white, specifically designed to cater to their clientele. However, as time passed, the catalog expanded to include a wide range of color variants. These additions encompassed not only the classic hues of brown-amaranth, traditional white, black, and blue but also more daring options like shocking pink and neon green, adding a vibrant touch to the choices available.

The Gae Aulenti Kartell series seats offer exceptional comfort and a wide range of color options. Their sleek and essential lines provided a place to sit and added to the overall aesthetic appeal of the series.

Kartell Gae Aulenti Series

Kartell 4794 Lounge Chair

Kartell: A Hub for Renowned Designers

Kartell has been a platform for numerous famous designers to create exceptional pieces. The list includes names such as Joe Colombo, Giotto Stoppino, Marco Zanuso, Ettore Sottsass, Vico Magistretti, and Philippe Starck. Each designer brought their unique perspective and style, contributing to the rich tapestry of Kartell’s design history.

In conclusion, the Gae Aulenti Kartell series represents a significant step forward in furniture design. Its innovative use of materials, pioneering production methods, and vibrant color palette make it a timeless classic. It is a testament to Kartell’s commitment to pushing boundaries and fostering creativity among its designers.

Kartell 4854 Dining Chair

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